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C. Company History

Would like to thank Doug Warden for his writing of the History and allowing me to put it up on the web site... You will be enlightened when you read it...

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Battle of Quan Tri..

Attached is a document that I came across concerning the Battle of Quang Tri.  The battle started on January 31, 1968, the Tet Offensive.  It mentions several guys from C Company.  It is interesting to note that Rich Valles is mentioned as receiving an impact award of the Silver Star.  I’ve talked with him and he was not aware that he got anything for that battle.  He got it for crawling out, under fire, to rescue Tom Corey, who was severely wounded and keeping him alive until a medevac helicopter arrived.  Also, Billy Cabaniss and Paul Wachter were unaware that they got the ARCOM w/ V for that time period.

I thought that you would like to post this on the website.

Regards, Doug

Click on Link to view whole story... /000/2/6/6/22662/userfiles/file/Battle_of_Quang_Tri_1.pdf

Dougs Book Click on Link to view whole story.. Latest update March 15, 2014




Ltc Mike Christy (ret) or as we called him Captain Christy, authored an article that appeared in Vietnam Maggazine... Click here to read the article about LZ Hereford   http://www.historynet.com/last-stand-at-lz-hereford.htm



Would like to thank Doug Warden for providing the following article about Perry Benally. Click here :  /000/2/6/6/22662/userfiles/file/Perry_Benally_Newspaper_Article.pdf



Lets thank Doug Warden for providing the following historical events for 1-12th Cav. Click here: /000/2/6/6/22662/userfiles/file/1-12th_History_1_Jan_1966_to_30_Jun_66.pdf