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Annual Reunion In Branson Mo.

Each year on the 2nd Wednesday of September starts the 12 Cav Association Reunion in Branson Mo... Many of our Charlie Company members have been going for years with two of our members, Tom Crabtree and Doug Warden as part of the Reunion committee... Our next reunion was originally setup for Amealia Island Fl in 2016, however do to accommodations prices being out of sight and far to small an area to have the Reunion, those who suggested it have asked that we look elsewhere... The new board of directors have taken a look at what Branson has to offer and it's central location, as well as already having an established venue with he 12th Cav association, we thought it is worth looking into... Since we only get together once every two years we thought it would be nice if we could get together on an annual basis... The following survey is for the members of Charlie Company to express their opinion on the idea...

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1)   * Is having an Annual Reunion a good idea? Please indicate Yes or No and whether Branson or another Location is viable...

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