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Info, Branson Reunion 2017

From Thomas Crabtree:

It appears that the majority of C Company, 1st-12th People are in favor of this as anannual excursion,I presume beginning in 2017. As stated, the 12th Cavalry Regiment has had the annual reunion in Branson since 2006. Many of those regular attendees were of Charlie Company. This past year 11th year 6-12 September 2016 saw the fewest Charlie Company 1st-12th Troopers since our beginning. Somewhat disappointing but also understandable due to some misinformation with the passing of Terry Combs as the original idea man for the 12th Regiment beginning. As always, at the Saturday morning Troopers meeting, we proposed options for continued meeting in Branson. The results were by majority consensus of those who attended (50) present-To have the 12th Regiment Reunion one more time in Branson-September 2017! Then in September 2018 to hold it in San Antonio, TX. Dates for 2017 are: 12-17 September at The Welk. This will be dubbed "12th to 12th"-12th Cavalry Regiment-12th Assault on LZ Branson! Would like to see a good turn out from C Company1st-12th Troopers at this particular gathering because we have been one of larger groups present over the years and we can discuss the pros and cons of an annual C Company Reunion whether in Branson or elsewhere. My choice would be Branson-however; I will support it wherever the choice is made to hold from year to year. Welk has given us again, the same rate for 2017-$84.00 Per night-2 Per room includes the buffet breakfast and $9.00 per night addtional guest breakfast included. 100 rooms have been blocked for 12-17 September 2017 (Tuesday-Sunday). Make reservations now and if in September you may not be able to make it-you can cancel without penalty-CALL: 1-800-505-9355 REF GROUP #: 479475.Do not try to make reservations through one of the internet offers-the rate they show will not include the buffet nor count toward the group census and your costs will exceed $100.00. Details of reunion specifics will be in the next Newsletter;

if you have questions now-call Thomas at 432-853-4851 or email me mmctlc3@aol.com.

'Boot to Boot' Thomas Lon Crabtree (TLC) C 1st-12th (ABN) 1966-1967